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What matters: The Jets will need to up their game in the same two areas -- the run defense and their running game on offense. The run defense has improved, but they will have to make sure not to backslide. The running game must continue to get better and provide them with a balanced attack if they have any hopes of winning this game.

Who matters: CB Kyle Wilson. Though the Jets no longer assign a cornerback to cover a specific wide receiver for the entire game, Wilson is going to have to bring his "A" game with Rams WR Danny Amendola on the field.

Key matchups: The defensive line vs. Rams RB Steven Jackson. The Jets run defense has improved (they are now ranked No. 6 in the NFL), but Jackson is a handful. Though he's not putting up the same numbers he used to, the ninth-year veteran knows how to combine his experience with his physical talents to get the job done.

Injuries of note: RB Bilal Powell suffered a concussion against the Seahawks. RB Joe McKnight is still playing with a sprained ankle.

Inside stuff: The Jets had a chaotic week after a story ran in a New York Daily News with anonymous quotes criticizing QB Tim Tebow. Last year around the same time, the team started to come apart with players making critical comments in the media. It will be very important for them to stay united in the locker room if they have any hopes of winning games.

Connections: Rams OC Brian Schottenheimer held the same position with the Jets from 2006–2011, Rams T Wayne Hunter played with the Jets from 2008–2012, Rams TE Matt Mulligan played with the Jets from 2009–2011, Rams CRob Turner played with the Jets from 2007–2011, Rams QB Kellen Clemens was drafted by the Jets and played for them from 2006–2011, Rams RB Terrance Ganaway was drafted by the Jets in 2012, Jets T Jason Smith was with the Rams from 2009–2012.

Stat you should know: The Jets remain 30th in the NFL in run defense, but are sixth in pass defense.

Looking ahead: At 3-6, the Jets playoff hopes are on life support. Mathematically they still have a chance, but they almost have to run table. Following the Rams,they have a short week before hosting the Patriots on Thanksgiving night.

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