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Why this game is intriguing: It's not just because it's a battle of two of the NFL's hardest-hitting teams (though that's the kind of criteria I'm buying). It's that circumstances make me think this has upset potential. Baltimore is coming off an emotional rollercoaster filled with officiating issues throughout, and receiver Torrey Smith somehow summoning the composure to play (and excel) following the death of his brother. It took a lot for the Ravens to win a tight (and hotly debated) "Sunday Night Football" contest, one that seemed like it happened only yesterday. Will John Harbaugh's team be ready for the Browns?
What to watch: As old as the Ravens defense is getting, you still have to block 'em. And they still have two mammoth defensive tackles, as well as Ray Lewis in the middle. Not great news for budding star Trent Richardson, who doesn't seem to mind a challenge. If the former Alabama back can get going, he'll test the Ravens' defense in a way it hasn't been tested yet. The Browns don't have the weapons to find their way into a shootout, but if scores don't come easy early, it could get interesting late.