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Why this game is intriguing: It doesn't get any better than Manning vs. Brady. They've grown older. Hair has thinned. One faces questions about his arm strength, the other is starting to hear queries about how long he wants to continue playing. And yet, on the football field, perhaps nothing will change. Sure, Manning plays for a different team. But the feeling remains the same; the sense that, no matter the score, no matter the situation, either Brady or Manning will have one final say to put his stamp on an epic rumble. This is one you'll want to watch until the end. What to watch: Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia says he believes Manning's arm strength is fine, but the way he instructs his team to play will be more telling. Do the Patriots protect deep against the likes of Demaryius Thomas or do they cover up to 15 yards and tell Manning to go ahead, give it a try? And for Denver's defense, this game will be determined by how well the Broncos pressure Brady. They have 10 sacks on the season, but their potential is even higher. If they can move Brady and get him out of rhythm, they can avoid the kind of destructive effort he laid on the Bills last week.