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Why this game is intriguing: The high-flying Ravens are 3-1 with wins over the Patriots and Bengals. But what about the Patriots Jr.? On paper, this doesn't look like much of a game. But the Chiefs are playing at home, in front of a raucous crowd, and that won't make it easy for quarterback Joe Flacco to run his no-huddle. The Chiefs believed they improved their secondary this year, even while letting Brandon Carr go, and the key is keeping Baltimore from getting deep on them.
What to watch: An old-school battle of strength vs. strength. The Chiefs can pound it, and they will run the ball at Baltimore because that's what they do. And that's the only way to protect quarterback Matt Cassel. Super runner Jamaal Charles will go right at the Ravens, who are allowing a measly 3.2 yards per rush. While Baltimore's best defenders are up the middle, starting with Haloti Ngata up front, Charles will attack the edges.