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Why this game is intriguing: Until theSaints win a game, they are worth watching. How low will these nose divers go? Drew Brees hasn't been himself -- though he showed flashes last week -- and defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo is learning that defense is harder to teach without an elite pass rusher (or four). And the mercurial Chargers won't be an easy foil. They seem poised to put it all together this year, though when expectations rise, history has shown them to sink. Someone will get a boost from this one. What to watch: With just six sacks on the season, while allowing over 1,100 passing yards, theSaints have been a perfect antidote for any ailing offense. Well, the Chargers aren't ailing. They just haven't hit on all cylinders yet, with their run game specifically flagging. But perhaps this is the week they get Ryan Mathews to play like himself. Injury issues and fumble-itis have made him ineffective. Will this be Mathews' week to rebound? Maybe the better question is, will the Chargers give him the chance to rebound?