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Why this game is intriguing: Things can go from zero to crazy in Dallas faster than anywhere else. All that optimism from the opening win over the Giants has dissipated, and even a strong showing and near-miss in Baltimore last week hasn't calmed nerves. There are no must-wins in Week 7, but a 2-4 record would surely send off alarm bells in Dallas. An injury to star runner DeMarco Murray doesn't help, but the Cowboys' other backs (headlined by Felix Jones) also ran wild on the Ravens last week. Against a Carolina Panthers unit ranked 23rd in total defense, Dallas should still put forth an efficient offensive effort.
What to watch: The Panthers certainly have had their issues during a 1-4 start, from Cam Newton's sophomore slump to tackling struggles to poor late-game execution. If the situation becomes tense late on Sunday, both teams will be worth watching. Have the Cowboys learned from last week's time-management problems? Has Newton found the necessary tools to remain calm when it all goes haywire at the end? It will be interesting to check out this injury-riddled Cowboys secondary against Newton, who can break down a defensive backfield with his legs. Are they disciplined enough to handle him?