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Why this game is intriguing: The hope of a quick turnaround for these transitioning teams has dissipated. The Jacksonville Jaguars' 32nd-ranked offense has led to questions about Blaine Gabbert's upside. Meanwhile, the Oakland Raiders seemed to make positive strides in a three-point loss to the Atlanta Falcons. Moral victories? Take what you can get. The actual winner of this one receives a boost in the standings, but how much will it mean in the long run?
What to watch: Records aside, it'll be fun to watch two of the NFL's most talented backs on the same field. No runner is hit earlier in his runs than Darren McFadden for the blocking-starved Raiders, but he's always capable of busting one. As for Maurice Jones-Drew, he's proved a holdout didn't affect anything. All MJD has done is average 4.9 yards per rush. Some old-school elements here.