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Why this game is intriguing: No teams ignite midweek coverage like the Patriots andJets, and one could only guess what topics will be discussed in the papers as the week transpires. It should make for some must-read material. But if there is one thing that's evident, it's how damning this matchup can be. Last year, a depleted Patriots team drummed the Jets 37-16 in Week 10, alerting us to the run they were about to go on. Back in 2010, the Jets shook off a 42-point shellackingin Week 13 and stunned the top-seeded Patriots in the playoffs. When these teams play, it matters. These Jets were built with the Patriots in mind, and the Pats thought so highly of Jets players last year that they stocked their team with them. The emotion should be palpable on Sunday.
What to watch: A few weeks ago, as the Jets were losing their two best players (Revis and Santonio Holmes), it seemed like this would be a romp. It seemed like the cruise-control Patriots would dominate their way up to the game, then slide on by with minimal resistance. Nope. In a stunning dose of reality, both teams are 3-3. And with the Jets waxing the Colts last week and the Patriots exiting Seattle humbled, the fact is, this will be a battle. The Jets have kept Tim Tebow under wraps most of the season, except on special teams. Is this the game they bust out their bag of tricks? The Patriots get to face the Jets without Revis, but how will they exploit Gang Green cornerbacks not named Cromartie? Can Ryan's schematic mastery bail out an undermanned team? Will the Patriots' offense finish this one out? Intrigue abounds.