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Why this game is intriguing: The talent seems to be there for both teams, even withMatt Hasselbeck filling in for the injured Jake Locker again. It's the inconsistency that's confusing. The Tennessee Titansknocked off the Steelers last week, holding tough until the end. Was that the corner being turned? We might find out this week. And for the Buffalo Bills, how many times have we written them off? And yet, 3-3. Still in the mix.
What to watch: The most curious part of the Titans' win over Pittsburgh was the miscommunication between Hasselbeck and big-play receiver Kenny Britt. They'll need to get that ironed out, as Britt's ability to stretch the field could open up running back Chris Johnson's world. Speaking of Johnson, he's started showing flashes of his old self. The onus is on a well-paid Bills defensive line to cut off his front side and make him tip-toe.